Welcoming Australia Symposium 2024

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The Welcoming Australia Symposium 2024 was our most successful yet. With over 250 people in person and over 80 online attendees.

The speakers were amazing, and the care taken to honour each individual, honesty and intelligence, and academic and emotional intelligence, far exceeded my expectations. Feeling very grateful. 


Over two days, the Welcoming Australia Symposium featured inspiring, and sometimes heartbreaking, speakers unpacking the question What Brings Us Together? Participants were challenged, motivated and energised to return to communities to continue this important work.
Mundanara Bayles used her personal story to illustrate the significant historical and continuing challenges facing First Nations people. She also invited us to introduce ourselves in a relational way, moving beyond what we do to who we are.

Kathomi Gatwiri and Akec Makur Chout challenged us to consider what it would be like if today wasn’t a struggle? Kathomi invited us to consider a new framework for understanding culture in Australia.

Ed Coper, shared the eye opening and sometimes concerning trends of mis and dis-information, he implored us to get on the front foot with positive and correct information.

We heard from First Nations speakers, councils, grass roots community organisations, professors, and community members. We learnt about local initiatives, and about the role sport plays in bringing us together.

We also launched Stories of Welcome – volume 5, the Inclusion guidelines for public aquatic facilities and the Welcoming Universities Standard. At the Opening Reception we celebrated the Welcoming Australia Medal and Welcoming Cities Awards for Change. Phew! What a big three days!  

Thank you to every single person who shared the stage and offered their ideas, experiences and vulnerability. Thank you for your generosity of conversation, engagement, questions and comments. The connection between the speakers and audience was the strongest I have ever seen.  
Thank you to our Event Partners – Scanlon Foundation, Department of Home Affairs, Queensland Government, Brisbane City Council, SSI, and ECCQ.

The program and presenters were exceptional. The topics discussed were deeply relevant, and the diversity in the panel provided a profound understanding of each community’s

Participant feedback

Thank you to the members and supporters of Welcoming Australia – without you the program wouldn’t have encompassed all that it did. We exist to support your great work and relish the chance to highlight the change you make. 

Thank you also to the partners and friends of Welcoming Australia – we appreciate your support and guidance as we continue to grow our work and strive to create more opportunities for people to contribute.  

If you would like to catch up on a presentation the videos, please see the showcase below [password: welcoming2024].  

We look forward to continuing the journey with you, hopefully we will see next year!  

See all of the videos from the Symposium

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