Creating the Welcoming Cities Standard

Welcoming Cities Standard 2.0 2018- 2023.


The Welcoming Cities Standard 2.0

The Welcoming Cities Standard 2.0 was developed with extensive research and feedback, find out more and read the original Standard live from 2018 – 2024.

The Standard was established as a framework for local councils to:

  • benchmark their cultural diversity and inclusion policies and practices across the organisation;
  • identify where and how further efforts could be directed; and,
  • assess progress over time.

Standard Setting Process

The Welcoming Cities Standard (Public Draft v1.0) was open for consultation and feedback until 30 June 2017.

The development of The Standard included:

  • the establishment of an Advisory Committee
  • consideration of existing Standards
  • direct consultation with local councils and local government associations
  • consultation with various peak bodies representative of the migration, settlement, cultural diversity and inclusion sectors

Revision of the Public Draft (v1.77) was distributed to a number of member councils for piloting and further feedback.


Approximately 150 submissions were received in response to various drafts of The Australian Standard for Welcoming Cities. All feedback has been considered and much of it applied in the development of version 2.0. To view and download the Feedback click the Download Feedback Tracker button.
(please note: sources have been de-identified)

All ongoing feedback can be emailed directly to


The following documents and research have informed the development of The Welcoming Cities Standard.

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Below are some frequently asked questions (and answers) relating to The Welcoming Cities Standard and the broader Welcoming Cities network. These will update and be added to over time. Please contact us if you have any further questions.