The Missing Migrants


The Regional Australia Institute‘s study, The Missing Migrants, highlights a relatively untapped opportunity in rural and regional centres to fight declining populations and economic adversity. The study clearly presents migration as a solution to this problem; stating that “International migrants are missing from our vision of a successful regional Australia and that often international migrants are seen as an option of last resort for regional communities that need more people. Instead, in many parts of regional Australia, it should be the top priority.”

The study highlighted that International migrants:

  • Help to fill workforce shortages – such as those in rural industries and health-care.
  • Create new jobs – they are generally more entrepreneurial and more likely to be employers than established Australian residents.
  • Are an important source of population stability and growth. Migrants tends be between the ages of 20 and 35 and in the prime of their family and working life.
  • Revitalise local communities and the vibrancy of our culture.

The Missing Migrants – Factsheet [PDF, 1MB]

Talking Points: The Missing Migrants [PDF, 1MB]