REPRESENT: A handbook for culturally diverse Victorians considering running for local government

Sebastian GeersNews, Resources

Created in partnership with the Victorian Local Governance Association this resource aims to support people to run for local government.

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If you are considering running for council,
this handbook is for you. Its aim is to help people from culturally diverse backgrounds
to understand what it takes to be elected
to council and what it takes to be a council member.
This handbook will support you as you decide whether to run for council and assist you if you do decide to take the journey.

Interviews with some elected representatives from culturally diverse backgrounds are included at the back of this handbook. These interviews showcase some of Victoria’s diverse councillors who have paved the way for improving representation in government decision-making. We hope these stories help you understand the role of a councillor and encourage you to follow in their footsteps.

If you decide to be a council candidate, this handbook will give you a basic understanding of how to run an election campaign. It will also help clarify your motivations and strengths. Being a council member is a big undertaking. If you are elected, you will be taking on a complex role that requires you to deal with crucial and demanding tasks. While this might be challenging, you will learn new skills and you will also be helping the community in a valuable way.

Good luck on your journey!