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Join a growing international network of cities, regions and communities committed to welcoming and inclusion.


The Welcoming Cities initiative supports local councils in committing, communicating, planning, building and sustaining a welcoming community.

Steps to becoming a Welcoming City

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    Commit to Welcome

    • Local councils commit to participating in the broader welcoming city network and consulting on the development of The Australian Standard for Welcoming Cities.
    • Local councils commit to develop and socialise strategies that create opportunities for all members of their communities to participate in and contribute to social, economic and civic life.

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    Communicate Welcome

    • Messages of unity, shared values and belonging permeate the community through the media, the voices of leaders, and among residents.
    • Diverse voices are valued, listened to, communicated and celebrated.

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    Plan for Welcome

    • Local councils facilitate a multi- sector approach, working together to create a welcoming community that values social, economic and civic participation for all people.
    • Local councils establish policies and practices that embed welcoming and inclusion across all policy areas.
    • Local councils develop strategies that focus on both receiving communities and migrant / new & emerging communities.

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    Build Welcome

    • Local councils consider and benchmark their policies and practices against The Australian Standard for Welcoming Cities.
    • Newcomers and long-time residents increasingly find common ground and leadership is representative of the diversity of communities.

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    Sustain Welcome

    • Local councils audit and accredit their policies and practices against The Australian Standard for Welcoming Cities.
    • Social cohesion and socioeconomic indicators improve over time.

Register your interest in becoming part of the Welcoming Cities network, and join a global welcoming movement. Local councils can participate as members of the Welcoming Cities network, while community organisations, businesses and other agencies can get involved as supporters. Both members and supporters can access the key elements of the network

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