Empowerment through community-led responses to racism

Sebastian GeersResources

On 17 May 2021, Victoria University (VU), Wyndham City Council (WCC) and Wyndham Community and Education Centre (Wyndham CEC) jointly launched a new local support network.

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This network was the first of its kind in Australia,
set up in close collaboration with communities
to offer alternative community-based reporting pathways and support services for people who have experienced racism. This launch marked the formal end of an 18-month pilot project conducted by VU in partnership with WCC, made possible by support from the Scanlon Foundation.

This report has two main aims

First, it documents the Wyndham pilot project, detailing the work accomplished and the issues explored there.

Second, it seeks to offer a practical guide on how similar anti-racism support networks and services can be developed and implemented, in close collaboration with local communities and other stakeholders, in municipalities across Victoria and beyond – led by municipal councils or other key local organisations.

The Report proposes other projects could be implemented along six, partially overlapping, steps: