Inclusion Guidelines For Public Aquatic Facilities

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Inclusion Guidelines for public aquatic facilities – how local governments and private operators in Australia can create welcoming and inclusive aquatic facilities for all.  Inclusion Guidelines for public aquatic facilities is for local government workers who have carriage over aquatic facilities and for private operators who lease the facilities from … Read More

Empowerment through community-led responses to racism

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On 17 May 2021, Victoria University (VU), Wyndham City Council (WCC) and Wyndham Community and Education Centre (Wyndham CEC) jointly launched a new local support network. This network was the first of its kind in Australia,set up in close collaboration with communitiesto offer alternative community-based reporting pathways and support services … Read More

Inclusive Communication Toolkit

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This toolkit identifies leading communications practice and provides examples of how councils can best reach everyone. The Inclusive Communications Toolkit supports councils to strengthen engagement and relationships with diverse communities. It provides advice and information for councils on how to speak to everyone, no matter where they’re from, or what … Read More

Putting out the Welcome Mat

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Bringing The Standard to life by celebrating and sharing a snapshot of the exceptional work delivered by local councils and their communities Putting out the welcome mat supports you to develop successful plans, initiatives, policy documents, partnerships and ideas that will advance welcoming work in your local council and community. … Read More

Planning for Welcoming & Inclusive Communities

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Guidelines for regional growth Regional councils looking to attract, retain and support migrants and refugees to thrive in their communities now have a resource to help them plan and assess their readiness with the launch of Planning for Welcoming and Inclusive Communities: Guidelines for Regional Growth. The Guidelines, funded by the … Read More

Steps to Settlement Success


A Toolkit for Rural and Regional Communities The Regional Australia Institute has developed a toolkit to respond to the information needs of rural and regional communities looking to settle migrants locally, be they migrants coming in from big Australian cities or overseas, entrants to Australia on skilled working visas or … Read More

An Evidence-Based Approach to Migration in Regional Queensland


The Queensland Government, through the Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs (DLGRMA) is working with Welcoming Cities to explore leading practice to support interested regional councils in attracting, growing and retaining diversity. Under the banner of Welcoming and Inclusive Communities, Welcoming Cities has delivered an initial research project … Read More

The Enterprising Program

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The Enterprising Program is a community strengthening and employment generation project piloted in Wyndham City in Melbourne. The program stimulates and nourishes the start-up environment. It unearths business talent, targeting residents with well-developed business ideas or existing early-stage businesses. These emerging entrepreneurs participate in a 14-week Business Start-up Intensive (BSI) … Read More



Home: right people, right skills, right place, right policy, is a report that includes analysis and commentary on the unintended consequences of the Federal Government’s changes to the immigration programme for Adelaide, regional Australia and their third biggest export market; international students. Home draws from research undertaken by the South … Read More

Murray Bridge


The aim of this project was to achieve a better understanding of the factors leading to long-term successful settlement outcomes for new migrants in the Rural City of Murray Bridge, with a focus on active citizenship and social participation in community life. The study sought to understand the types and … Read More

Local jobs for local people


Jobs change lives. They empower individuals, sustain families and strengthen communities. High unemployment levels affect many communities across Australia and the task of tackling this problem has traditionally fallen to the federal and state governments. Local councils are also in an excellent position to understand the changing needs of local … Read More

The Role of Local Government in Settlement and Multiculturalism


“Although settlement planning and multicultural community relations strategies have historically adopted a top-down approach through leadership at federal level, much of the work on the ground has been undertaken at municipal level. What is currently missing in Australia is an agreed and effective inter-governmental strategy that harnesses the potential of … Read More

People On the Move: Global Migration’s Impact and Opportunity


Migration has become a flashpoint for debate in many countries. But McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) research finds that it generates significant economic benefits—and more effective integration of immigrants could increase those benefits. Migrants make up just 3.4 percent of the world’s population, but MGI’s research finds that they contribute nearly … Read More

The Missing Migrants


The Regional Australia Institute‘s study, The Missing Migrants, highlights a relatively untapped opportunity in rural and regional centres to fight declining populations and economic adversity. The study clearly presents migration as a solution to this problem; stating that “International migrants are missing from our vision of a successful regional Australia … Read More

The Economic Impact of Migration


This report documents the first comprehensive analysis in almost a decade of the impact of migration on our key economic indicators and the verdict is conclusive: migration is central to Australia’s future prosperity. Australia’s projected population will be 38 million by 2050 and migration will be contributing $1,625 billion (1.6 … Read More

Building Social Cohesion in Our Communities


Building Social Cohesion in Our Communities is an online evidence-based resource developed by the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government for the Australian Human Rights Commission under the National Anti-Racism Strategy. Local governments know and understand their communities much better than any other level of government. Through strategic planning … Read More

How Diverse is Your Community?


Drawing on a range of data sources, SBS and Small Multiples have released an interactive tool that graphically displays the diversity of more than 8,500 suburbs. Key indicators that are used include ancestry, birthplace and religion. You can try it out for yourself, here. How diverse is the community in which … Read More