Local Jobs for Local People

Hume City Council has developed a pioneering program that transforms the lives of unemployed residents and increases economic participation at the local level.

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A network of cities, shires, towns and municipalities where everyone can belong and participate in social, economic and civic life.

Welcoming Cities supports local councils to leverage the ideas and innovation that come from being welcoming and inclusive. The Welcoming Cities network is built around:

Knowledge Sharing

Supporting local councils and communities to learn from each other and access resources, research, policies, and case studies.

Celebrating Success

Showcasing leading practice through case studies and a national award that acknowledges welcoming efforts.

Partnership Development

 Brokering meaningful multi-sector partnerships that foster a sense of belonging and participation for all members of the community.

Standard + Accreditation

Setting the National Standard for cultural diversity and inclusion policy and practice in Local Government.


Welcoming Works

Over the next 35 years, migration will drive economic and skills growth in Australia. Migrants will contribute 1.6 trillion dollars to Australia’s GDP, and 10 per cent more to the economy than existing residents.

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Welcoming Cities is an initiative of the Scanlon Foundation and Welcome to Australia.

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