It’s Time to Rescue Brand “Australia”

If brand ‘Australia’ ceases to be open, welcoming and generous, then the damage will not only be to our reputation but also the ongoing success of our nation.

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Welcoming Cities seeks to address and embrace the challenges and opportunities of migration. We facilitate a growing national network of inclusive, vibrant communities internationally recognised for their ability to foster a sense of belonging and participation. The Welcoming Cities network focusses on:

Knowledge Sharing

Supporting local governments and communities to share their experiences, learn from each other and access resources, research, case studies, and practice.

Celebrating Success

Showcasing leading practice. A National Award, focused on comprehensive responses by Local Governments to welcoming efforts, will be established.

Partnership Development

 Brokering meaningful multi-sector partnerships that foster a sense of belonging and participation for all members of the community.

Standard + Accreditation

Developing the Standard for Welcoming Cities and an accreditation framework that will provide a benchmark for Local Governments in diversity and inclusion.


Welcoming Works

Over the next 35 years, migration will drive employment growth. Migration will contribute $1.6 trillion dollars to Australia’s GDP and lead to a 60.4 percent increase in people with a university education.

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