2nd National Symposium

Featuring international speakers and the launch of the public draft of The Australian Standard for Welcoming Cities.
Join us in Melbourne on 1 March.

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Welcoming Cities seeks to address and embrace the challenges and opportunities of migration. We facilitate a growing national network of inclusive, vibrant communities internationally recognised for their ability to foster a sense of belonging and participation. The Welcoming Cities network focusses on:

Knowledge Sharing

Supporting local governments and communities to share their experiences, learn from each other and access resources, research, case studies, and practice.

Celebrating Success

Showcasing leading practice. A National Award, focused on comprehensive responses by Local Governments to welcoming efforts, will be established.

Partnership Development

 Brokering meaningful multi-sector partnerships that foster a sense of belonging and participation for all members of the community.

Standard + Accreditation

Developing the Standard for Welcoming Cities and an accreditation framework that will provide a benchmark for Local Governments in diversity and inclusion.


Welcoming Works

Over the next 35 years, migration will drive employment growth. Migration will contribute $1.6 trillion dollars to Australia’s GDP and lead to a 60.4 percent increase in people with a university education.

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